Patient Testimonials

I was in the hospital for only 3 day after my (hip replacement) surgery and cannot say enough great things about how I was treated by the entire staff. G.S.

I have been impressed thoughout this process with the high quality of professional care which I have received and especially with the compassion shown by everyone with whom I have dealt.  None of my 'repair' however could have occurred without a skilled surgeon.  I am especially grateful to Dr. Smyth and I feel fortunate to have him as my doctor. As I have already indicated to Dr. Smyth personally, my surgery has given me my life back.  I have regained my mobility and can look forward to an enjoyable retirement.  A.H.

I'd like to thank you for the terrific care to my broken ankle. R. A.

Just wanted to tell you and all the staff that dealt with me that I very much appreciated the timely, professional and courteous way I was treated.  B. F.

Dr. Smyth, Many thanks to you!  My new hip is working well.  There's no pain!! I feel so grateful to you.  You did an excellent job!  Thank you so much! B.P.

Dr. Smyth is the gentleman responsible for my being, finally, pain free and able to get around just fine.  In my opinion this orthopaedic surgeon is in a class by himself, a shining example of and to his profession.  Dr. Smyth replaced both of my knees and as I've previously mentioned is soley responsible for my well being now.  For the first time in many years,  I am pain FREE and able to get around just fine.  Not only is he an exellent doctor, but a gentleman of highest calibre and class, with an excellent bedside manner, friendly, open, honest, soft spoken and in all aspects as  I've previously stated a credit to his profession.  D.S.

Not only was I 100% happy with his manners and my hip surgery...but Dr. Smyth also fixed my knee and my foot.  I have recommended Dr. Smyth to many of my friends that need their hip, knee or foot done.  Dr. Smyth is down to earth and pleasant to talk to and concerned about the bones.  If and when I need more bone surgery done it will be done by Dr. Smyth 100% C.S.

I first met Dr. Smyth when I severed the achilles tendon in my left leg as a result of a fall and was referred to him by my family doctor.  Dr. Smyth was able to repair the tendon like new.   A pain free patient is a happy patient who tells everybody.  R.R.

Thank you very much for coming to the hospital on Canada Day to operate on my hip. M.H.

Dr. Smyth, You performed a complete hip replacement surgery on  my left hip.  The pain I had endured has ended thanks to you.  You are totally AWESOME, terrific, great, top notch,and excellent! I am very pleased with my new hip. B.P.

I just wanted to thank you very much for the care you gave X. for repairing his broken arm.  Thanks for your patience dealing with parents, guardians as well as myself, answering our many questions.  Your friendly accomodating manner is greatly appreciated. M.T.

Dr. Smyth and Gina, Thank you so much for the compassion that you showed my son.  You rearranged your very busy schedule to accomodate the special needs of my son and made the surgery on his hand possible.  I can't thank you enough.  C.F.

Just a short note to tell all of you 'thanks' for your kindness and caring when I (k)needed you.  D.L.

Thank you very much for all your time, care and efforts for our father.  Above all your generous patience has been much appreciated.  You are a lovely man and have a great bedside manner and wonderful values.  M.

Dr. Smyth made me feel very confident and did a great job (broken ankle).  Although my home is 500 kms away I have decided to do my follow-up appointments here instead of home.  A.T.

I just finished my second hip operation.  Both of these ops were made easy by my favourite surgeon, Dr. Wm. Smyth.  Thank you sir for the great job you did both times.  P.W.

Dr. Bill and Gina, Thanks for the great new knee and all the excellent post-op care and support. C.C.

To my wonderful Dr.  I appreciate coming here to have my surgery.  You are the BEST. E.P.

I realize that a torn meniscus is not an urgent care issue however, the surgery has made a significant change in my life.  I am swimming a mile a day and walking 4-6 miles a day with my dogs.  I no longer have pain that keeps me awake or prevents me from doing my job.  What an incredible difference.  L.C.

Words cannot clearly express our gratitude for the help you gave T. during his recent injury.  You truly went beyond the call of duty.  Many, many thanks.  Y.H.

We can't thank you enough for the care you gave our mother this past summer.  She was comfortable and well looked after for her full stay in Parry Sound.  Her rehab went smoothly and she was back at the cottage mid-July.  From the time we got the call that she'd fallen and you would be her doctor through her weeks of recovery we've felt lucky. R.B.