Patient Testimonials


I know of no words that could convey the depth of our appreciation and gratitude for your care.  You heal with so much more than your surgical skills and expertise.  Your energy and emotional engagement are spirit-lifting and they made this scary and uncertain time a bit easier and a bit softer.  Sincerely, we are thankful and just happy we share the planet with such an amazing human.  D.P.

I am back to work and can enjoy time spent with my grandchildren. Dr. Smyth has given my life back to me!!! I only wished I had it done sooner, I had no idea how much of a difference it would have made in my life. If I needed any other surgery done, Dr. Smyth would be the only one I'd have do it. THANK YOU! G.P.

I really appreciated your supportive and encouraging attitude during the entire process of my knee surgery. I have dealt with numerous surgeons in my life and you stand out for your excellent, informative and personal care. D.D.

Dr. Smyth, I have been completely overwhelmed by the outstanding care I have received..... R.N.

You are SUCH a wonderful Surgeon..... M.M.

You helped me in a time of need and I appreciated it immensely...your surgical skill and concern for your patients is very much appreciated T. M.

Enclosed is our annual December Letter and I thought it would show you the activity of an 83 year old. A lot of my mobility is because of the excellent care and repair I received from your hands. Thank you. P.A.

We found Dr. Smyth to be a very skilled surgeon, he listened to our questions and gave us very good medical/surgical advice. I would recommend him very highly to anyone. N.F.

I can't find the words to express how grateful we are to you...I can never repay your kindness. Thank you for everything.  A.A.

I was blessed when you agreed to do my right knee in 1998 and again my left in 2004. At 83 years it is wonderful to be able to walk painlessly. D. H.

You have touched many hearts...including mine.  L.G.

I am writing today to express my sincere thank you for the arthroscopy surgery you and your competent assistants performed on my knee...I couldn't have received more attentive care than what was provided by you, Dr. Higham (anesthetist) and the recovery nursing staff. P. L.

I am always singing the praises for Dr. Smyth, after performing the surgery for the total knee replacement. I now walk without pain, doing things that many people take for granted. It has given me a new lease on life. L.M.

I would like to thank the kind and caring population of your hospital for their humanity and professionalism. Be assured that your institution is spoken of most highly to any whose thinking we have a chance to influence...M.O.

From my first visit and through to recovery, I can't say enough about Dr. Smyth, his staff and the Hospital in general. I would just like to take this opportunity to compliment Dr. Smyth for his assistance in making this painful experience more bearable. F.M.

For me, all of the experiences during my operation have been such a 'positive'. I wish I could express my feelings, but there are no words to tell of the relief from such pain I had endured for such a long time. S.F.

My new hip is working great!! I started to swim laps at the pool again! Dr. Bill - you are a credit to your profession! A.G.